Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 50

More and more often we are able to see stores that cater to plus sized women which is a good change from the past. Women are very unique individuals and it is a good thing that not all women wear a size 1 and can fit into anything Gucci; how boring would that be?

With that said, sometimes as women age, they get really busy and start losing what sense of style they once had and this is so unnecessary. Often you will find older women over 50 giving way to comfort over style. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, having a sense of style also exudes a sense of confidence and accentuates the type of personality you have.

You might want to go with comfort over style on a regular basis, but there is absolutely no reason you cannot have both.

In today’s fashion world, most stylists have recognized that not all women are going to try to be what once used to be a perfect 10, is now a perfect 6, and not every woman is going to fit that mold, not even close.

I think that you with the following suggestions, you will be able to have the best of both world’s without having to make any compromise.

There are tons of stores out there now that cater to the plus sized woman over 50. And now that online shopping is just that much more popular, your choices are basically endless. Some of the sites that you can visit are sites such as Junonia and Popken, which give you a variety of selection on style, you have many sizes to choose from and the prices are reasonable. Both companies cater quite well to the mature woman.

First, keep in mind that you want to be careful in your selection of the right size to fit your body. Try to stay away from clothing that is too tight. Remember you want to accentuate the positive, not advertise it. You also do not want to make tight fitting clothes to be something you get into the habit of purchasing because this might be misconstrued as you trying to be something you are not. You want to look classy, but just as you do not want to buy clothes that are too tight, you do not want them to be too loose either. Just because you happen to be a plus sized woman, does not mean that you have to hide your body either.

Second, avoid loud prints. Prints that are too bold or loud can cause a plus sized woman to look bigger than they really are. You want to enhance your figure and give it the right definition in the right places.

Third, sticking to classic, clean designs and cuts are going to give you that classy look you are going for. The more classic the design and the more cleaner the design, the better your curves are going to look.

Fourth, you are going to want to avoid wearing things that are too short. Sure, you might have beautiful legs and even your husband might be particularly fond of them, this does not mean that everyone wants to see your whole leg. That lacks taste and style. Wearing skirts and business casual shorts can add class to any wardrobe, but you do not want to go to short risking the entirely opposite of what you are looking for. Remember, you are a more mature woman and dressing appropriately for your age is a must.

With any and all of these tips in mind, there is no reason you cannot still be very alluring, attractive and give off the sense of style and confidence that any plus sized woman over 50 should have.