Fashion Tips for Work

Nowadays, not all women use cars on their way to work. Due to the increasing gasoline prices and high prices of other commodities in the market, budget conscious women are now using other forms of transportation to get to work. It may be the bus, the subway, a cab or simply walk if the office is just a few blocks away. The battle and struggle to daily traffic and commuting does not mean that your wardrobe or work ensemble needs to be a drab.

A woman can be fashionable, trendy and polished at all times even when going through the daily rush and stress of traveling. A woman should always have confidence, attitude, and a professional look when it comes to her choice of work clothes no matter what the weather or traveling situation may be. The secret is to know what work fashion pieces to wear that will make you look good and comfortable despite the daily stress that you encounter in commuting. Choosing the right colors, designs, and styles that are not only flattering but also comfortable is the best way to go in finding the most effective fashion pieces for the work environment.

If you have a power presentation, a tailored shift in a dark and bold color such as red, exudes confidence but is comfortable enough to wear for the road. You can use a wide belt over the dress to finish off the look making it look like a two-piece ensemble. This color is also less prone to dust and dirt that you usually get in commuting.

A solid color like black is also good if you want to have, your bosses concentrate more on your presentation than on how good you look. It gives a polished and professional look. Dark colors are safer to use and is not prone to stain marks that you can accidentally get from the bus, subway or the cab. On the other hand, when the rains are pouring, a structured trench style raincoat over a turtleneck knit will keep you dry and warm and at the same time give you a polished and professional look.

Finish the look with a belt over the trench coat to give life and attitude to the ensemble. Use dark colored pants or slacks and avoid wearing skirts during the rainy season to avoid getting stains that you can get from the mud during the rainy season.

When the weather is hot, keep cool in tailored Bermuda shorts and a cotton top good enough for office wear. Use these fashion pieces with a structured jacket to give you a polished and professional look. If tailored Bermuda shorts are not your thing, you can use above the knee length skirts in cotton fabrics that are of the same color as your structured jacket.

These fashion pieces can work well in the office and at the same time keep you cool in the warm and hot weather. Always use leather bags and leather shoes in the office to make your look more corporate. If you have an after work night out, disguise your party top or blouse underneath a skinny suit.

This way, you do not have to go through a hard time carrying extra luggage just to change from work clothes to party or night out clothes. As soon as office hours are over, you can take off your tailored jacket, head to the nearest bar, and have a good time without excess baggage. Make sure that you wear light and cool fabrics to stay cool and fresh throughout the day.

Whether the weather is dry, wet, warm, or cool, you are now ready for anything. Look stylish and comfortable in any weather and at the same time be that star and shine in your work place!