5 Fashion Accessories Every Fair Skinned Woman Should Have

While fair skin is absolutely beautiful, it does come with it’s own unique challenges when it comes to fashion. The absence of color and bold and striking accessories can leave fair skin looking pale and washed out. This is especially true during the cold and drab months of late Fall and Winter. However, with a little bit of thought and attention to the right accessories, and additions to daily wardrobe and fashion choices, fair skin can look gorgeous any day of the year. This article will inform fair skinned women on the five fashion accessories they need to make the most of their light complexions.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Bright And Bold Colored Scarf. Fair skinned women should definitely have an assortment of brightly colored scarves to wear with dress and casual outfits. A pretty scarf in a bold color will brighten up the face and give fair skin a warm glow. Scarves can be tied in a multitude of ways around the neck to give even the most casual of outfits a dressy feel. If you tend to lean towards dark and muted colors, give hot pink, sunny yellow and warm orange a try. A splash of color around the neck can not only warm up fair skin, it can also give an uninspired outfit a fun and dramatic flair.

Over sized Earrings. Large, dramatic earrings look wonderful against fair skin. The intricate style of the jewelry as well as the larger than average size draws attention to fair skinned women’s eyes and highlights the beauty of flawless fair skin.

Skin Bronzer. All complexions can benefit from the addition of a sweep of bronzer across the cheeks and nose. Fair skin can especially be enhanced from a subtle amount of bronzer applied in conjunction with the usual cosmetics. When beginning to use bronzer, fair skinned women should keep two important factors in mind. Shade and Quantity. Choosing the right shade of bronzer is important to avoid a mask like appearance. The advice and input of a cosmetician at a makeup counter can be invaluable when choosing the correct shade of bronzer. A light hand should be used to create a subtle glow.

Black Or Navy Blue Headband. A headband can be used on short or long hair to create a neat and polished look during the day and a dramatic appearance at night. Choosing black or navy blue will offset fair skin beautifully and create an overall stunning appearance with every hair color. Choose a thinner black or blue headband for daytime looks and a thicker style with a little bit of sparkle for evening ensembles.

Stylish Sunglasses. Fair skinned women usually have light colored eyes which need to be protected from the sun. Take some time to choose stylish and dramatic sunglasses to not only serve as protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but also to add some color and style. Fair skin looks lovely when adorned with a unique and pretty sunglass frame.

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