Inappropriate Fashion: Some Tips for Realizing If it Does Not Fit or Flatter You Should NOT Wear It!

Fashion is an ever changing and evolving thing. There are some fashion trends that should have never seen the light of day, and those ones that tend to whither away rather quickly, thank goodness for that. Then there are those fashion trends that are just to die for! But not everyone can pull off every look.

I will admit, my fashion sense has dwindled slightly in the past couple of years. Being a mom and working a full time, my wardrobe has become limited to work clothing, comfy clothing, and of course child stained clothing. I have seen a change in clothing styles and there are a lot of cute styles out there. But there does come a time when one must know her limitations and realize that although a certain blouse or a certain pair of jeans is trendy and cute, they may not have been intended to be the wearer of that trend.

Allow me to explain. I will not profess to be a slim person, I am not, I have 3 young children and I would consider myself a plus size mom. Not a fact that I am proud of, but a fact that I am realistic about. I would not pretend to think that it would be sexy or even remotely attractive for my midriff to be exposed. I also would not bungee jump off a building to get into an obviously way too tight pair of jeans, it just would not happen, I like to breathe.

Yet, in working with the public I have seen many people wearing clothing that I am sure they intended to make them look good, or appeared to be seemingly sexy when they put it on. However, their attempt may have been ill-fated. They may have been farther ahead by hanging up the outfit and wearing footie pajamas, because they did not achieve the look! Here are what I call some obvious fashion faux pas:

1) As mentioned before, the exposed midriff, not that this it is a bad thing for everyone, but if you have dunlap disease (meaning you belly dunlaps over your jeans) and a cottage cheese tummy, you may want to think twice before you decide this may be sexy! It just does not work, it is just gross!

2) While we are on the subject, we may has well touch on the unbreathable jeans. If it looks like you had to jump off a building to get into your jeans or if it looks like you used a crowbar to get into them, you should probably invest in a size bigger. Not that tight fitting jeans is not a nice look for some people, but there is a difference between tight and cutting off circulation.

3) Brightly colored bra under a light see through top, now if you are going out clubbing or out to the bar this may be the look you are trying to achieve. But going to the doctor’s office with a bright yellow smiley face bra under a transparent white blouse just may not get the feedback you had hoped. If you will be under dimmed lighting or are on the prowl it may work, but make sure you are sending off the message you are intending to send because this look can border on looking trashy, not sexy!

4) Cleavage shirts, there is nothing wrong with trying to show off a little cleavage, we all know men are blubbering idiots when it comes to a little cleavage, but leaving a little to the imagination is a good idea. If you put the merchandise on full display you will not find what you are looking for, and lets just say others around you won’t be all that kind to you, although they may not say something to your face, they will be flapping their gums as soon as you leave the room. If you want to be the talk of the time, this would be the way to do it. But be warned, I doubt it is the talk you want to be known for.

5) Baggy clothing, I am a fan of bagging clothing. I look for comfort, but there can come a point where baggy becomes too baggy. When you don’t look like you are wearing an oversized tee anymore, but rather the pop-tent out of your father’s garage. it is time to invest in a smaller size. A little loose fitting is okay, just make sure you don’t look like a baggie when you are done.

6) Mini skirts and short shorts, hey if you got the legs for it and it works for you I say go for it, I personally do not. I will wear shorts around the house, but when I am out and about it is capri pants for me. If you look like your shorts are crawling north or your skirt is practically showing your nether region I would advise against it. Again we have that old adage of leaving a “little” to the imagination. If you can wear the short skirt and be aware of your movement as to not include a peep show then more power to you, but remember to make sure the cottage cheese legs and vericose vein legs are at a minimum as well before you set out into the world.

7) Floods, there is a difference between capri pants, and pants that look like you are prepared for a flood. Make sure that you pants are long enough if they are intended to be pants. If your wearing capri pants make sure that they look like capri pants. Looking like a dork is not on the list of things to do, nor is it to particularly attractive.

I am sure I could go on and on about some of the fashion faux pas I have seen over the years, but these are the most recent and common ones that come to mind. Hopefully you take a moment and take a good look in the mirror before you head out the door to make sure you are conveying the message you want to convey. Ensure that your breast are not playing peek-a-boo with your smiley face bra or that your not looking like you belong in a wading pond. Good luck and think about what you are putting on and the message you want to convey and make sure that it is a style that you were meant to wear.