Fashion Tricks to Help You Get a Smaller Waist

A slim waist is one of the hallmarks of attractive womanly curviness, but sometimes getting that slender waist is easier said than done. Of course, you could do tummy crunches, but let’s presume you want that smaller waist this month. Here are some simple ways to go about getting it.

Mike Moss fashion tips! from Joshua Heller on Vimeo.


Add fullness below the waist

Full, flowing skirts that add volume to the lower body give the illusion of a smaller waist by making the hips look fuller. Stay away from clingy styles like pencil or circle skirts because these minimize hip size. Pockets and detailing at the waistline should also be avoided because these add bulk and make the waist look thicker. Also, wide-leg pants may add volume, but they add it in the wrong spot and end up making you look thicker at the waist, so stay clear of them.

Avoid high waistlines

High waistlines can hold in a tummy, but ultimately they tend to accentuate any thickness around the middle. If you’re aiming for a defined waist, choose a waistline just below the belly button. And unless you have a really firm stomach, a waistline much below the belly button will cause your tummy to stick out over the top of your pants or skirt.

Pick waist-defining tops

When it comes to tops, chooise tailored styles with darts and seams at the waist. Tops that are gathered or belted at the waist also help. It’s not as obvious, but V-necks and and princess seams also help define the waist. On the other hand, stay away from cropped styles that stops above your belly buttonnavel or above. Other styles to forego include waistless smocks, empire-waist anything, and baby-doll dresses. These can make even a dainty size six look pregnant.

Wear a chunky belt

Really any belt will accentuate the waistline and help you get the look of a smaller waist. Among the best to show off your waist are belts with large buckles or interesting textures. Just remember these are accent pieces, so whatever you wear them with should be fairly plain to avoid an overdone, busy look.

Choose body-hugging fabrics

It may be tempting to try to hide figure flaws under heavy, bulky fabrics, but this will just ends up making you look shapeless. Instead, choose lightweight fabrics that form to the body. Fabrics with added Lycra or Spandex are good picks.

Go monochrome

One trick for a smaller waist is to dress in a single color and then wrap your waist in wide sash or chunky belt. This works especially well with evening wear. Choose a body-hugging style in a single color and it will naturally accentuate your curves, making your waist look smaller.

Try a waist cincher

This is not the same thing as a corset. A waist cincher draws in your waist by about 2 inches, but unlike most corsets or girdles, it does so comfortably. has a good selection of waist cinchers for $20 to $60. At you can find waist cinchers and body shapers that not only give you a smaller waist, but also help lift your derriere and push up your bust. Just remember that these should never constrict movement or impair breathing even a little. You may look more slender all bound up, but you’ll be in such a bad mood that you’ll be less attractive anyway.

If you’re trying to get a smaller waist, there are several ways to go about it. Some of the simplest are adding fullness below the waistline and wearing fitted tops. Waist cinchers can also help you get a smaller waist without the discomfort of a corset.