Fashion Disaster Tips for Moms of All Ages

Making a quick trip to the grocery store usually requires sloppy, over sized clothing for Mom’s on the run. And a night out on the town? Most Mom’s love to be fashionable, so they pull on the too tight, too low, hip hugging jeans with the comfortable granny panties they wear everyday. But is any of this recommended as fashionable?

Not for a mother, no matter how young we wish we still were, or the body that we sport. Find hot tips below to help you dress for success, even for those quick trips to the grocery store.

First and foremost, keep in mind that sparkly, screen print tees that proclaim your motto are really not suitable for a mother. Dressing for your age shouldn’t require wearing boring or plain clothing. Many designers now offer plenty of clothing lines specifically suited for today’s busy moms. Like to shop at the teen trendy stores? No problem, as long as you keep in mind that veering away from the common teen announcing gear would be more up your alley.

Yes, we all love that silky sky blue bra that you just purchased, but for the love of Adam please keep in mind that showing your bra off to the world isn’t considered trendy. Peeking bra straps, or cleavage with a bit of bra staring at anyone passing by, should be kept at bay. Remember to buy clothing that will cover your entire bra area. Have a top that you absolutely love to wear, but it shows your bra? Consider buying a bra that is strapless, or investigate the new lines that offer the invisible straps.

Moving along the line of underclothing, let’s remember that visible panty lines should be avoided. There is really only one way to do this, and most women frown at it. Thongs. You heard me right! Thongs can be very comfortable. If you have never worn them, or purchased them for that matter, keep in mind that it’s not a sin to wear them.

They are very acceptable in today’s age, and you don’t have to flaunt that you are wearing them. Let’s explore the reasons to purchase them. Ever noticed that some women look like they are being pinched by their underwear, and it makes their thighs look bigger? Or have you noticed that someones underwear line looks out of whack? Save yourself these embarrassments by investing in thongs. You won’t regret it!

Mom Jeans! from kevin marchand on Vimeo.

Your jeans should never, I repeat never, be worn low enough so that you constantly have a bit of butt crack peeking out of the top. Seriously ladies, this just isn’t sexy. Butt crack has always been reserved for plumbers and mechanics, so let’s leave it to them to show it! This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear the low riding jeans that you love.

But make sure to investigate that you don’t have butt cleavage peeking out that could potentially lead to embarrassing situations when you try on jeans. Also, boot leg or flare leg are trendier than the types of jeans that pinch in around the ankle. Flare or boot leg are more likely to positively accentuate your curves.

Summertime is a great opportunity to show off your lovely toes. But carrying over your sandal wearing into the fall is not recommended. So many people still believe that wearing socks with sandals is acceptable, while it certainly isn’t. Sandals are meant to showcase the toes, not your socks. Either wear your sandals without the socks, or toss a different pair of close toed shoes or sneakers on when you get the urge to wear socks. Never wear a pair of foot gear that you can’t walk comfortably in.

If you can’t maneuver the 4 inch spike heeled dress shoes that are in your closet, then get rid of them. People can, and do, notice when you aren’t in tune with your footwear, and it makes you look awkward.

Nail polish is a great way to express yourself. The biggest nail polish faux pas? Wearing it chipped! People notice this the minute they see your hands. If you must wear nail polish, remember to constantly touch up any area that has chipped. Applying a clear top coat after your polish not only gives it a great sparkling shine, but it reduces the amount of chipping that will occur to the nail polish. If your polish is chipped beyond repair, remove it with nail polish remover and start fresh. People will admire your lovely nails all the more for it.

With all of the above mentioned things in mind, remember that personal hygiene comes into play along with the rest. Never run out the door for a quick trip to the store with your hair messy and standing on end every which way. Establishing a morning routine for when you just wake up usually helps. Shower in the morning, style your hair and apply makeup, then dress for success for the day to come. As I have said before, people notice your appearance first and foremost, and putting your best foot forward every day will make you feel great, inside and out.