“What does California Good mean? It is a slogan that is not referring to the State but rather a state of mind”

 About California Clothing Company

We are a California clothing company with high quality products for conscious minded souls who love and care about Nature.  The majestic sun, the epic Pacific Ocean, and the awe-inspiring mountains help define California.

Protecting the environment will help ensure that we maintain our golden State.

Our commitment to the environment starts with our products. We use shirts that are only 100% pure Organic Cotton which does not use any pesticides in its production.  We also use water based inks in printing versus plastisol and synthetic based inks which does not involve any harmful chemicals. Sure, it costs more to produce higher quality and safer products, but we feel it is absolutely worth it!

So whether you jam on your guitar, ride a wicked wave or make works of art that define your individuality, ultimately it is the love of earth’s natural elements that brings us all together. They not only help the environment, but these shirts look good with anything in your closet from hats, shoes, and watches, like these Vincero recommendations from this user.

So next time you’re in the moment when what you see and experience truly resonates with you, remember, that is California Good.

We are California Good

We are more than a clothing brand. Our goal is to create products of supreme quality and use business to employ solutions for solving environmental problems.

Materials and Processes

Our commitment to the environment starts with our products. We use shirts that are only 100% pure organic cotton and work with suppliers who adhere to the strictest environmental standards. We only work with quality shirt providers to deliver products that our consumers want and promotes a healthier Mother Earth.

The People’s Brand

You are California Good. It is through your voices and actions that we can make a positive impact. Please connect with us and let us know how you can help bring change.

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